Saint Michael’s Cup 2019

      2018 Cup Winners – Boulevard of Broken Dreams


The winning team flanked by Neal Armstrong of sponsors, Ellis Bates, and Club Chairman, Nigel Clay.

The Saint Michael’s Cup is out annual, fundraising competition in support of Saint Michael’s Hospice.

The season long event sees a series of matches for the 24 teams, before being whittled down to the final 6 who will play off for the winners of the three divisions, the Cup, the Plate, and the Spoon.

Other than Finals Day (Sunday 15th September) all matches are self-arranged by the two teams, as convenient for their players.

The competition matches are played as Triples (team of 3) but each team can work with a larger group of players to ensure matches can be more easily arranged.

Teams will play at least three matches before the knockout stage reduces this to 12, and then six teams for Finals Night. So you can lose your first two matches and still win a trophy!

Each team must raise at least £20 to donate to Saint Michael’s Hospice.

Fuller details can be found on  the entry form which can be downloaded from here <>.

Or, contact us by email for more information:

St Michael’s Cup

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