Welcome to the new website for Harrogate’s Pétanque Club.

Established at The Pierhead (close to Bettys) in Spring 2012, the Club now has an active membership of over 50 players, and has a broad program  of activities from early Spring to late Autumn.  (The hardy ones will also play through the winter – weather and light permitting!)

it is a very accessible sport for all ages and abilities. With ‘half decent’ hand/eye  co-ordination anybody can be playing a game within minutes of picking up a boule for the first time.

Pétanque is similar in principle to lawn bowls with the aim of getting as close as you can to the Coche (jack). Played extensively across France and Mediterranean countries on any flat, open ground, the primary difference is that the metal boules are tossed rather than ‘bowled’.

Anybody can point (toss) a boules, close to the coche, it’s just a matter of how regularly! The real skill is to be able to shoot an opponent’s boule out of the head, and leave yours in it’s place.

You play as singles, or in pairs, with each player having 3 boules, or in triples with each player having 2 boules. The other difference to bowls is that teams don’t play alternately, but with the team furthest from the coche having to keep throwing until they are closest, adding to the pressure!

Please read on for more information,and to find out how easy it is to get started.



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